Groupe Chantelle

Our talents

Our company is continuously developing and our organisation is central and local to capture all the opportunities in an international context and to pursue our common goal: distributor customer service and end customer satisfaction.

We are convinced that the success of the Group lies in the development of all our employees, they are at the heart of our performance.

Our jobs


  • The consumer and her well-being are central to our activities, from the creation through to the finalising of the models, regardless of the collection. The complementarity of our brands and the customer mix are a special opportunity for creative talents.Each brand has its own dedicated creative team.

  • The Creation teams are inventive and dynamic in their ongoing collaboration with the other business activities of the Group. Creation rhymes with attention to detail, initiative and analytical skills.

  • The activities of this branch are mostly based in Cachan but numerous business activities involve frequent visits to our production sites.


  • The Quality Department is involved in mastering the materials development and models manufacturing processes. The installation of advanced development and control software, the roll-out of indicators and the assessment of non quality costs are crucial in our move towards true quality management.

  • Working in Quality requires a capacity to anticipate consumer expectations with a view to bringing about continuous product improvement. The coordination of the teams and their empowerment entails working in a constructive manner.

  • Understand better what our customers want to always satisfy them.


  • The Group purchasing policy is founded on maintaining regular relations with the leading suppliers and developing partnerships.


  • We have been active in garment manufacturing for several generations in our own lingerie factories.

  • We are experts in all aspects of the production chain: from the industrial development of new products to their production and distribution.

Supply Chain

  • With our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we are committed to deliver rates and reliable development times for the new collections.

  • The demands of the Chantelle Group are in compliance with deadlines and the capacity for team work on geographically dispersed sites.

  • Management of the physical flows and logistics service levels as well as stock management involving a high number of product and material references are the key activities of the supplychain.

Marketing & Communication

  • The Group is pursuing an ambitious development policy through brands and networks both in France and internationally.

  • The marketing positions are located in France or abroad and collaborate with the central Marketing Directorates based in Cachan.


  • The Chantelle Group is pursuing significant activity on the internet with our e-commerce sites in different languages and targeted marketing and communication activities.

  • New functions such as Web product manager, E-commerce manager, Graphics designer and Community manager have appeared within the digital lab, a group entity in Berlin, and in the sales and marketing teams in our networks in France.

Commercial / Sales

  • In a fiercely competitive environment, the Group has decided to place the customer at the centre, from the creation of the collections through to their arrival on the market. For this purpose, we are constantly enhancing the management of the increasing diversity of our distribution networks: retailers, department stores, supermarket distribution, wholly-owned stores and e-commerce.

  • Half of Group sales originate from outside France through our subsidiaries or sales offices. The Chantelle Group is building a local relationship with its customers for long-term mutual development.

Information systems

  • The ISD is responsible for the day-to-day running of the systems that are critical for the Group, whether in the USA, Asia or Europe. It is also responsible for implementing the numerous projects planned by the operational or functional directorates.

  • A few recent or in-process projects:
    - Deployment of SAP retail on a recently acquired activity.
    - Development of BI cubes requested by the business activities to refine their control.
    - Roll-out of an international and multi-activity platform used for the development and industrialisation of our products.

    Our teams are made up of mission leaders who need to master the technique serving internal and external customers. Flexibility and mobility are essential to develop their projects. The Information Systems Directorate is based at the Cachan head office and trips to the different sites are frequent.


  • There is a fascinating diversity of projects in all areas of the Group’s activity in France and abroad: production, new product development, sales management, finance, supply chain.

    The team works very closely with the different business activities and the Information Systems Directorate. Its role is to understand swiftly where the operation of the business activity can be improved and to oversee the implementation of pragmatic processes/solutions.

    English is a must.


  • The Finance teams analyse, develop and implement well thought out financial practices that are adapted to the different business activities conducted by the Group (development, production, wholesale, retail, etc.).
    They play an essential part in managing our activities and optimising our economic performance, both by the reporting and analysis carried out as well as participation in the Group development projects.

  • One characteristic common to all finance business activities (management control, accounting, treasury management, consolidation) is the capacity and taste for exchanges, dialogue with the other financiers and the operational staff in each business activity, often located in different countries.

  • The Financial Directorate is located in Cachan. The predominantly international aspect of the Group implies fluency in English and regular short trips.

Human Resources

  • The continuing growth of the Group requires motivated collaborators to work on inspiring projects. Our human resources have always been at the centre of the activity of the Group. By remaining true to our values (Excellence, Listening, Enterprise Spirit, Together) we have implemented our own style of management that encourages the development of each individual employee. The fundamental focus of the work of the HRD is the continuous improvement in the cross company communication between all the teams in the different business activities in France and abroad.

  • A keen sense of communication and a desire to develop at all times the tools for personnel management are the main characteristics of the HR team. The team is flexible and shows initiative in a changing culture. The HR Directorate is based in Cachan but we are gradually developing a decentralised and international structure with specialised positions in our subsidiaries.

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